Critical Maori and Pakeha Histories - A Curriculum Programme Resource Written by Tamsin Hanly
Edited & illustrated by Ruth Lemon

Pricing and Services

These costings are to cover 4 years part time writing, printing and teaching costs. We have had no funding, except for some initial printing and the givealittle page (2015-2016).



Professional Development prices as follows.


1 hour initial consultation

  • With senior staff, principal, BOT members, HODs, relevant others to decide upon which reading and teaching timeframe  the educators will follow in using the CPR.
  • Mileage - 74c per km if driving. Flight and accommodation costs will need to be covered.
  • Prices include GST


Teacher Only Day 9-3pm, including:

  • 1.5 hours PPT- a comprehensive introduction to the structure and the background of the CPR.
  • 2 hours- professional reading and feedback.
  • 1.5 hours- initial planning discussions and administration.
    Prices include GST

The Unit Booklets

  • Set of 6 books, hard-copy and digital, the Curriculum Programme Resource. 

  • Centres purchase the set of books to copy after signing a copyright agreement.

    Reference sets of the books can be bought at a lower rate. Please email to negotiate a price.