Critical Maori and Pakeha Histories - A Curriculum Programme Resource Written by Tamsin Hanly
Edited & illustrated by Ruth Lemon

Newton Central School

The author would like to acknowledge that the first version of this CPR began in 2008 at Newton Central Primary School with the vision, courage, initiative, aroha, intelligence, wisdom and support of the BOT, Te Whao Urutaki, the principal at the time, Hoana Pearson, the Māori community, all the staff, students and parents and has been successfully in practice since then.

CPR Photos

Every photo in the Curriculum Programme Resource (CPR) comes from teachers' and students' work at Newton Central Primary School since 1998. We have made every effort to get permission for students' work which currently resides at Newton and is continuing to do so. The Newton Board of Trustees (BOT) has kindly given permission for the use of teachers' work. No copies can be made of these photos or text without the author's permission.


We have not received any funding to do this CPR. I would like to thank iwi and hapū of Rangitikei, Ngāti Raukawa and Ngāti Rangitāne, from whom some of my ancestors 'bought' land that they were privileged to live and work extremely hard upon for many years. From all of these ancestors and particularly my unconditionally supportive parents, siblings, children, grandchildren and gorgeous partner, we have been able to initially fund this CPR using our family home and our work. For these reasons if people want to share this CPR with other BOTs, principals, staff, groups or individuals, please do not make copies, but give them the author's contact details in order to repay the family.

Ruth Lemon

The author would like special acknowledgement of Ruth Lemon who has proofread, edited, planned, taught, photographed years of teacher and student work, collated years of teachers' plans, resources and students' work, formatted, researched, websited, added brilliant activity possibilities, referenced, sought permission, accounted, guided in the e-world, been creative, a publicist, fundraised and trusted with unswerving faith. Without Ruth, this CPR would not be here. Thanks to all the other various editors.